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Upcoming events

messages from spirit

Angela's Messages from Spirit events offer a unique opportunity to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Led by Angela, a gifted medium, these events provide a space for healing, closure, and spiritual guidance.

Through her intuitive abilities, Angela channels messages from the spirit world, delivering heartfelt and validating communications from departed friends and family members. Participants often leave feeling comforted, uplifted, and with a renewed sense of connection to their loved ones in the afterlife.

Whether seeking closure, clarity, or simply the comfort of knowing that our loved ones are still with us, Angela's Messages from Spirit events provide a profound and transformative experience for all who attend.

Private Readings

Angela books on a month to month basis. On the 1st of every month at 10am Atlantic Time the new availability will be open. For pricing and availability click here

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The Divinely Connected Podcast is a home for guidance, messages from spirit and a safe place to share intuitive stories. This hub is always growing and expanding in ways to help bring peace and knowledge to you as you are on your own spiritual journey.

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