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Apply to have a reading with Psychic Medium Angela MacLellan aired on the Divinely Connected Podcast!

Before applying, take a moment to consider these key aspects:

Recording Environment:

Ensure you can provide a quiet space with no interruptions and minimal background noise for optimal recording quality.

Technical Readiness:

Test your recording equipment in advance to avoid any technical issues during the session.

Respectful Participation:

Commit to contributing in a collaborative and respectful manner during discussions.

Content Ownership:

Understand that the content produced will be under my ownership.

Content Screening:

Know that any content deemed personally sensitive will be edited out during post-production.

Your thoughtful consideration of these factors is appreciated, ensuring a positive and impactful reading experience.

Thank you for taking these aspects into account and for applying.



For an authentic and unbiased experience, please be advised that Angela will not be viewing the application details. An external party will be handling the podcast vetting process, ensuring Angela goes into each reading with no prior knowledge of the individuals involved.

Have you ever had a reading from a Psychic Medium before?
Have you ever had a reading from Angela before?
Do you have a Departed Loved One you are hoping to connect with during the reading?

Thanks for Applying!

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