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Angela's Offerings 

Angela extended her offerings to best suit her clients. Please read the the following descriptions to best choose which service is right for you. 


If you love Sunday's free general weekly guidance on Facebook, you will love your own personalized recorded video reading! This is a mini card reading that provides you with what the guides want you to know. Whether you need guidance, encouragement or a quick message from you loved ones this is a great option. Angela adoringly refers to this offer as 'spirit bombs' straight forward messages in a timely manner. Reading length varies. 


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This offering is a full card spread, voice recorded and emailed to you. This allows you to revisit the reading whenever you want! This reading provides you with guidance on what is to come in your life experience. If you want a psychic reading and a heads up on what is around the corner this reading is for you!

Reading length varies.


Private Session

Angela is a clairvoyant psychic medium. She has the ability to share healing messages from your departed loved ones. Mediumship readings is a collective experience between you, your loved one(s) and the medium. Angela provides a safe and organic environment for your loved one to communicate with you. You can expect life details, validations and messages from the other side to help you heal and bring inner peace here in the physical world. Angela's connection is energetic, whether you are receiving your reading in person at Angela's office or by telephone, the reading, connection and experience is the same.

Reading length: 30 minutes and 60 minutes

30 mins $150+hst

60 mins $250+hst

Private Group Sessions

Enjoy a private group session with your friends and family. This is an in-person offering where Angela will come to you for a private group session. There is a minimum guest requirement of 8 guests. No maximum guest limit. There is an additional travel fee outside of Glace Bay of $0.50/km. Travel off the island will have additional fee.

Angela will use her abilities to bring through messages and guidance from the other side in a gallery style setting only. This means the group will all sit in the same room as we allow a safe space for spirit to communicate. Gallery style groups provide the maximum healing experience. 

Reading length: 2-2.5 hours


Whether you are looking to start your spiritual journey, expand on your intuitive practice or mediumship. Mentoring calls are not only limited to your spiritual growth. If  you are feeling like you are stuck or do not know how to proceed, this would be a great option. Angela will use her knowledge and spiritual gifts to bring direction and support into your life.  

30 min session $100+hst

60 min session $200+hst







All fees are in Canadian Dollars. All appointments are booked in Atlantic Time Zone

Mentoring Sessions

Intuitive Offerings

Mediumship Offerings

*Angela has the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime*

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